Presentation Overview

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Different types of presentations

QuoteWe rule the world by our words.Quote
–Napoleon Bonaparte

There are many different types of presentations that meet specific needs. These are some examples:

  • Sales: Outlines the benefits, features, and reasons to buy a product or service
  • Persuasion: Provides the reasons or support to pursue a particular idea or path
  • Status report: Details the progress of a project, a task force, or product sales
  • Product demonstration: Shows how something works
  • Business plan or strategy: Sketches out what an organization plans to do next, or articulates the company's goals

Sharing detailed information is not a good use of a presentation. Audiences will not remember detail. You can use a presentation to inform an audience about a major change or initiative, but use written forms of communication for the detail. Thus, your purpose drives the type of presentation you choose.

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